“The difference between knowing your sh*t and knowing you’re sh*t”…

Perhaps this is not the most politically-correct or client-friendly post but in my view, our inaction and apathy towards blatant mistakes make us equally accountable in perpetuating the crime. Forgive me, “crime” is probably a grave exaggeration in this case but just humor me.

My bone to pick for the day? Evaluating one’s very own language proficiency. It is really quite simple. The pot should not call the kettle black. My Facebook news feed was interestingly inundated with links to many popular bloggers and writers’ professional site, lamenting about “how to write a press release” or “how to not piss me off with your writing”. So I thought to myself, “Well, this is my lucky day! I could learn a thing or two from these fellas, right?”

The entry I came across went:

I received so many press releases every day. Do not crammed too much details into the text.

In the quiet words of Virgin Mary, come again?

Yes, the point is not lost; save for credibility. And since the writer’s intent is to impart knowledge on how to write better, the purpose is utterly defeated.  I later discovered that the author actually writes for one of the national dailies. I scanned through a few columns and nary a mistake was found. Must be a tough job for the editor.

I am not trying to put anyone down. I think to love a language is to honor it by learning it well. Anything less is defilement and sacrilegious, especially when one claims to be an expert on the subject.

I leave you now with the most embarrassing typo today, coming from the Obama administration.

ObamaCarePiece Out!

Calling all freelancers!

If you are interested, do send me a quick introduction and some samples. Occasionally (key word), I get projects out of my expertise or  availability so I would like to extend the offer to someone else. Typically, I am sought to do translation and copy writing in either English, B.Malaysia or Chinese.

I am physically based in Malaysia so if you are too, please indicate that as well because sometimes I get offers which will require freelancers to go on-site.


  • This is not a con. I have more important things to do with my life (e.g. crocheting, watching NGC documentaries).
  • If there’s work available, you will deal directly with the client after the initial introduction.
  • I do not guarantee the frequency or availability of work.
  • I don’t ask for rates because I’m just passing your information along.
  • I do need to see samples because most of my clients have become good friends over the years and since I’m indirectly “recommending” you for the work, this puts my judgment on the line.
  • Serious inquiries only. If your definition of ‘proficient’ means “Google Translate”, let’s spare each other the trouble.
  • If I do not contact you to confirm receipt after your initial email, that means you’re not the right fit and I am sorry. But please do not give up on doing what you love!